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I am very close to finishing my long awaited course about Gypsy Jazz picking and about what makes Gypsy Jazz, Gypsy Jazz.

This course will be focusing on mastering Gypsy Jazz technique (right hand) together with the most important stylistic markers that make a listener think, "Ah yes, this is authentic Gypsy jazz" (left hand).

However, I need your help! Before I finalize everything, I want to make sure I have covered everything.

This is where you come in…

In addition to the free lesson you have here, I added a discussion where I want you to join me and share your favorite video clips and music, pointing to the specific minute where there is a technique, lick or phrase that you feel conveys the essence of Gypsy jazz and that you really want to learn.

If I have not already covered it, then I’ll make sure to include it in the course!

Join me now!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this free video and I’m sure that we’ll all benefit from this communal research.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    1. Gypsy Jazz Picking
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    • 1.1 Introduction to GJ picking
    • 1.2 Tell me what you're curious about.
    • 1.3 Summary of the lesson

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