Yaakov Hoter


A fun method for improvisation that you can implement on any song

Yaakov Hoter

La Pompe

The Ultimate Course For Gypsy Jazz Accompaniment

Yaakov Hoter

The Complete Arpeggio Package and Rest Stroke Picking

An in-depth learning of the “rest stroke” picking technique and arpeggios.

Yaakov Hoter

Song Package#1 - The Magic of Triads

An in-depth exploration of seven well-known songs with a clear, easy, straight-ahead method for improvisation.

Yaakov Hoter

GypsyandJazz Arpeggios Booklet

Arpeggios and Exercises - You will learn 22 arpeggio shapes - vertical and horizontal shapes for Major, Minor, Major9 and Minor 9 chords

Yaakov Hoter

The Ultimate Gypsy Run

Juicy secrets of the dim7, harmonic minor and mixob9b13